Glasgow Dental Hospital

Teaching Laboratory Refurbishments

Clinical Skills Lab

Glasgow Dental Hospital is one of the UK’s leading Dentistry Schools, delivering a modern technique to the Dental Surgery programme.  The strong collaboration between the University and the NHS is continuing to facilitate exciting new developments and opportunities.  So Mediascape Ltd were pleased to have been chosen to supply and install all of the fully interactive presentation and display systems in the three refurbished teaching laboratories at the Glasgow Dental Hospital.

The key requirement of the install was to allow easier teaching techniques for both lecturer and students providing the best educational experience. Student spaces were all provided with their own dedicated viewing monitor as seen in the picture above. The teaching position was fully equipped to allow images from a number of sources to be displayed on any or all of the student positions.  Therefore the lecturer can show a close up image of various dentistry techniques and skills to each individual student.  The lecturer also has the ability to interact with these images via a Smartpodium interactive tablet.

This system was installed in all three teaching laboratories, thus allowing all three labs to be inter-connected.  Meaning the tutor can lecture to 1, 2, or 3 lab areas at the same time.  Each of the audio-visual systems are inter-connected and controlled via  an AMX touch panel control system which is located in each teaching lab area.  The installation also allows for each lecture to be either recorded for streaming live or for viewing at a future date.

This new system has development the dentistry schools teaching techniques by preventing previous scenarios of students crowding around a lecturer to watch lessons.  They can now simply watch from their own monitors as the tutor demonstrates the lesson with the aid of the new audio visual equipment.