University of Edinburgh

Business School Refurbishment
Value – £560,000.00

Borks Column Boards, Lecture Theatre

Roomwizard, Digital Room Booking System

The University of Edinburgh Business School is known internationally as a leading business school with a highly respected MBA programme, providing business education since 1918.

In 2007 the Business School decided that in order to sustain and improve its teaching capabilities to their desired level a change of premises would be necessary, and started plans to move to a different location. The building chosen was ageing and had limited AV-based teaching aids, so the Business School and the University of Edinburgh’s Audio Visual department contracted Mediascape Ltd, an approved supplier, to work closely with the University, main contractor and architect to provide the latest in digital communication tools.

Mediascape Ltd provided a wide range of Audio Visual products including Digital Signage throughout the building, Digital Room Booking Systems, Fully Integrated Lecture Theatres, Digital Syndicate Room for problem solving in small groups and Integrated Interactive Whiteboard Systems in larger syndicate rooms.

Flexibility and adaptability were key elements in the design and implementation of the sourced products.  Several manufactures and distributors including Anders + Kern were involved in choosing the best products such as BORKS Column Board systems, Room Wizard Booking Systems and PADS Digital Signage products.  Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Smartboard (Steljes), NEC, AMX, Extron, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Tannoy and Kramer were all very helpful with product knowledge and system designs.

An example of how the audio visual works within the new building, staff and students upon entry are greeted by a 70” Samsung LCD screen displaying general information via a PADS digital signage system.  From here you can then move up the stairs or along the corridor where each lecture theatre has a 22” information screen displaying individual classroom information via the PADS systems.  Each lecture theatre uses Panasonic projectors in a 16:10 format controlled by an ELO 22” Touchscreen via an AMX control system which gives the user full control of audio levels, image sources, lighting with full preview functionality.  Outside of each syndicate room is a Room Wizard touch screen room booking system that allows students to book the room for use at any point in the future.  Inside the smaller rooms are LCD screens operated by an Extron push button control panel and the larger rooms offer Interactive whiteboards again operated by an Extron push button control system.

The AV installation project has been well received by both lecturer and student users. Now located in a modern, bright and flexible teaching environment, the University of Edinburgh Business School is able to offer a large variety of formal and informal teaching spaces.