The use of traditional RF frequencies by radio microphones changes from January 1st 2013. The radio frequency spectrum is divided into channels and many channels are being reallocated to Digital TV. In addition they are also in the process of being sold to mobile phone providers over the next year. There will be non-licensed frequencies available on channel 70 (863 to 865 MHz). Any other use below 863MHz on the 800MHz frequencies will be illegal!

AV hire companies, broadcast and film production will be expected to migrate to channel 38 (606 to 614 MHz) and installation users will be able to use “interleaved” frequencies – the frequencies not used by DTV in a particular geographic area. The use of any of these frequencies will require a licence.

To find out more on how these changes are going to affect you and what we can do to help please contact us on 0141 333 0110.